Aion Classic: How Do Newbies Start

How could you start in Aion Classic

How could you start in Aion Classic? Here are a guide for you:

Select server
Usually the most active servers are actually French and German servers, but if you are looking for English-speaking servers, Spatalos is currently leading in terms of numbers, while Anuhart and Nexus are still quite healthy. Perento is very heavy PvP, so it is worth considering. Thor and Urtem are also good choices because they are the largest servers and both have English-speaking communities.

Choose faction
In fact, it depends on where you want to be on the server and which side looks more attractive to you. If you just want to choose the stronger side on the server of your choice on PvE, if you like PvP, the weaker side will give you more PvP encounters. However, this is really just a matter of preference, and my suggestion is to play these two games at some point in AION.

Select class
First of all, don't worry too much about changing classes. The upgrade speed of AION is very fast, you can easily reach 30 in a day, so please scroll through a few to see which one you like. Alt can be used for warehouse space after level 10 and additional event items after level 30, so having spare items and Aion Classic Kinah is never a waste.

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