Kevin Stefanskis steady leadership prepares Cleveland Browns for big season ahead

Kevin Stefanskis steady leadership prepares Cleveland Browns for big season ahead

Kevin Stefanski. When the current Cleveland Browns coach was hired over a year and a half ago, most fans of the Browns had that typical reaction of “oh here we go again” and anticipated another stretch of losing Browns football. Obviously, the previous twenty years suggested as much. But wait, did you say,Kevin Stefanski?You did! Well, Browns fans aren’t you feeling on top of the world these days! The most recent Associated Press Coach of the Year recipient is now leading your winning Browns team into a second season filled with anticipation.I’ve written articles in the past about Stefanski, especially earlier in his rookie season, where, like many of you, continued to be pleasantly surprised as the season went on and wrote about all the great leadership qualities that he continued to demonstrate. Those things like communicating, listening, showing empathy, and leading by example, were all areas he exhibited 24-7.Now, as the Browns have started back with OTAs , surprise, surprise Stefanski has started back where he left off last season and thus has the Browns getting prepared for a great season like none other, while showing that steady and confident leadership persona that this team has been missing for years.Those that cover these Browns for a living tried their darndest last week to try and shake Stefanski. In his most recent news conference, Stefanski continued to get questions Baker Mayfield Hoodie, as to if he felt that since his popular players on offense like wide receiver Jarvis Landry and quarterback Baker Mayfield weren’t at the OTAs, would the Browns be behind teams like the Kansas City Chiefs in their preparation for the season?I’ll remind you all at this point that OTA’s are voluntary and are part of the NFL’s bargaining agreement with the NFL players union.Instead of falling into the trapped questions, Stefanski continued to talk about “staying in the moment” and always adapting and pivoting every day, much like you would in an actual football game on .This is what I absolutely love about Stefanski. He stays above the mess below. He doesn’t fall, for the often time lame questions thrown his way by reporters trying for a good story headline.Yes, obviously, when players have time together to gel and learn how to communicate that can work in your favor But this is 2021, and we’ve just been through a year-long pandemic where the players learned how to do their jobs virtually, like most of us.Let me remind you here that the Browns went 11-5 a year ago and won a playoff game while their coach sat in his basement.I don’t think the Kansas City Chiefs players are gathering around in a locker room going, “Oh boy, we’ve got one up on the Browns because some of their star offensive players stayed away from OTAs”.The season kickoff is less than 100 days away. But in Stafanski’s mind, and in the mindset of most of his players, they are only in the moment and playing for today and the week ahead.Stefanski is a detailed guy Nick Chubb Face Mask, creating lists, some daily, some more long-term, always with goals in mind.I just can’t imagine that because some players that were missing from voluntary OTAs a week ago, has Stefanski up nights and thinking he has to do more.Stefanski, instead, is centered, like no other coach we’ve seen in these parts for years. He will work with what he’s got.From that old classic1986 basketball movie Hoosiers, where the basketball coach, played by actor Gene Hackman, says to the referee, “My team is on the floor,” in response to the referee requesting an additional player during a basketball game where he only had four players on the court instead of the standard five players has Stefanski’s character written all over it.That kind of movie moment is what Stefanski is creating here in Cleveland now. He’s always engaged with everyone. He has been seen by many folks around town where he’s spotted grocery shopping and stopping to take photos with the fans.He supports his players, who are giving back to their community Richard LeCounte Pet Jersey, like running back Kareem Hunt who recently held a charity golf event in the area to support the Boys and Girls Clubs of Cleveland.And he continues to show his own involvement in the community as he recently met with the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland Bishop Ed Malesic. It never hurts to have extra prayers on s.Back on the field, Stefanski and his coaches will continue to stay in the moment and work for the day. It’s what’s got the Browns winning and believing in themselves and that’s half the battle.

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