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With our ODM and OEM reputation, our wholesale watches factory works hard to design and develop exactly what you’re searching for in the latest of top selling watches. Our watches manufacturing factory promises the best of the best and delivers to every client across the

Japanese movements are considered very practical, with more emphasis on precision and cost-effective construction, and less on looks. These movements are created on automated assembly lines, which helps keep costs down for Watches Manufacturers.

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When you are on a budget and stick to high quality watches, it is recommended to use Japanese movement. As a Chinese Watch Manufacturer, we supply customized watches to customers all over the world, and 70% customers prefer to use Japanese movement.

However, Swiss Watches Factory manufacturing is a symbol of the highest quality watches, and they set the standard for both precision and quality. Swiss movements must adhere to certain laws that ensure excellence and precision, and are also often hand-assembled, a detail that usually affects the overall quality (and price) of the watch.

Their brainstorming led them to the watch industry. They perfected the fashion of the millennial generation and their generation's demand for an affordable watch that could look more like a fashion watch than a traditional watch. Recognizing that direct-to-consumer retail has proven successful in other industries, they saw this as a great opportunity to sell high-end watches at affordable prices. Their continued growth has been based on in their ability to tap into today's social media-driven start-up culture, ultimately guiding other aspiring future entrepreneurs who want to start their own watch business.

If you are not nervous about your budget and want to create a very high-end watch at a high asking price, Swiss movements should be your first choice. Now let's take a look at the most funded watches and hope these campaigns can inspire you to start your own watch brand, even though 2022 is an unusual year due to the corona virus. Just keep hoping!

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