As stated by the warning, should you fall to the bottom of the swamp

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Continue to slowly drop down until you get to the end of Elden Ring Runes the room, where you will immediately find an Golden Rune [2]. You can begin walking along the path be careful not to get overwhelmed by the rats that are creeping around, including one formidable Large Rat who can drop an Rune Arc. The next rat to the left is Poisonbloom 3. On the opposite face of the wall lies a Scarab that you could kill to use the ability Rancorcall.

As stated by the warning, should you fall to the bottom of the swamp below you will unleash a mini-boss which could be too powerful in this time. It is a massive snake-like creature with large sweeping attacks and formidable magic. However , with a physical 100 block shield, and a bit of determination, it's possible. The enemy is able to communicate its threats fairly clearly, so make sure you manage your endurance and be prepared to block or dodge roll as you watch it move to attack. It is best to be near its belly in order to ward off its forward smashing attacks and get hits in safely. If it spins around and comes at you with its mouth open you must be careful to avoid it or else be caught in the mouth of the beast and take huge injuries. If the creature glows gold it's about to enter its second stage with a magical explosion therefore, you need to move back so that you don't suffer the damage.

If you are able to defeat the spirit, you'll be awarded a Golden Seed and other loot which includes the Stonesword Key, Throwing Dagger 8 and Smoldering Butterfly 3. Continue on the path until you find a massive skull as well as another item called"The Prince of Death's Pustule. There is a ladder that can take it back back to your dining room area. After that, it's official boss time. Transfer over to Elden Ring Items for sale the Secluded Cell Site of Grace and get yourself ready.



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