Path Of Exile 2 will be delayed

Many game studios and their production plans have slowed down because of the pandemic.

Many game studios and their production plans have slowed down because of the pandemic. This time it is Path Of Exile 2's turn to tick the "You are delayed" box. According to Grinding Gear studio director Chris Wilson, the sequel expansion of Path of Exile may not arrive until 2022. So players can purchase POE Currency without any worries.

In an interview, Wilson explained how the increase in travel restrictions hindered the development of the team and ultimately affected the development of Path of Exile 2. Wilson said: "I hate to blame Covid, but this is currently a large part of it." "Because of the New Zealand border closure, it is difficult for us to recruit internationally, so this limits the exponential growth of our asset creation team. "

To make up for the lost development time, Wilson said they will go all out this year and may estimate the release date based on the amount of work completed. The epidemic, this year's development progress has been delayed. The developers said they will work hard to complete as much work as possible in 2021, better understand the game's clear plan, and finally can estimate a good Path Of Exile 2 release date.

The producer confessed in an interview that Path Of Exile 2 will most likely be launched in 2022. Path Of Exile 2 will be the sequel to the loot-filled action role-playing game, appearing in an expanded form. It will introduce a new storyline, and this update will be provided with the old version of the game. In addition, it will bring a new set of skills.

Path Of Exile 2 differs from the next expansion package, Path Of The Atlas, which will be updated soon. The latter announced yesterday that this expansion pack will bring new maps, endgame content, and new challenge leagues. Hurry up and Buy POE Currency and get started with the latest expansion pack.


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