How do you get contact dunks

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A contact dunk is done Buy MT 2K22 by holding down R2 or the left stick pointed upwards as you sprint toward the basket. A defender must be blocking the paint so that the player is able to finish an enthralling contact dunk with him.

Elite finishers have a better chance to finish contact dunks in comparison to defenders. People who have the elite or pro packages may unlock contact dunks, but the difficulty to finish increases over players with the best paint defense and block.

The controls for dunk contests differ when compared to regular dunks played in games. The players can pick the kind of dunk that they want to perform based on the specific dunks available within NBA 2K22. It is important to be precise and timed when doing these, since the judges will look at them when scoring.

The ability to know the player's dunk rating and vertical to understand if they can perform the elite and pro dunks is vital. This also helps you to decide if you're able to do an dunk standing or running for a specific guard forward or center.

Dunking is one of the skills which earns you not just two points but also some impressive scoring points for the spectator too. The players must be savvy, though, to know when it is time to take a dunk or settle for a jumper if there is an opponent ahead. Dunks may look good however, the primary goal is to score the points.

NBA 2K22 gives users more control than ever before to make sure they score in whatever way they think is best in the moment. Do not attempt to dunk while there's a shot blocker in the air, or try an off-hand dunk if the opposing player is covering the dominant hand when driving.

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