While an end date hasn't been announced

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With the clock ticking in Season 1 we're almost time to launch Madden 22 Ultimate Season 2! The release date was officially announced by Good Morning Madden, and we've learned that Season 2 is just days away from mut coins madden 22 being released in Madden 22 Ultimate Team.

If you've been playing Season 1 you're about past the point of getting all the rewards that are available up to the level of 50. Be sure to grind before Season 2 lands if you're missing one or two of them. There are more details here about exactly when Ultimate Season 2 will arrive in Madden 22 and what kinds of content it'll bring.

Madden 22 launched Ultimate Season 1 with the release of the game, although it was technically already available on August 12 thanks to the EA Play Trial, the official launch date was August 20, 2021. As last year, we saw every MUT Series run between 30 to 40 days in length as a rule, it is likely to be considerably longer this year.

While an end date hasn't been announced, EA stated in the design for the launch of Madden 22 that the new Ultimate Season model would aim to keep each Season running for about 90 days. They've already added 1st Quarter Challenges in 2nd Quarter and 1st Quarter in Ultimate Season 1, with the 3rd Quarter and Fourth Quarter challenges expected to be released in the coming weeks.

With the timing stated by EA and the remaining three quarters of time in mind, we're expecting that MUT 22 to be the Ultimate Season 1 end date will be the 19th of November, 2021.

It's possible to see this change dependent on how EA plans to conduct Ultimate Season 2, but chances are we'll see Ultimate Season 1 and and 2 commence around the time of the launch. If you're playing Madden 22 Ultimate Team and make your way through Ultimate Season 1, you'll receive an array of rewards including Training points and MUT Coins, as well as packs as well as new cards and many more.

The most exciting rewards that people will be looking forward to are the four players you can put up for grabs once you have leveled higher in Ultimate Season 1.

You'll be limited to picking among the Season Champion players, but buy Madden nfl 22 coins Devin Hester and Junior Seau both have an OVR 82 rating and would be definite benefits to any team, so pick whoever fits your needs.

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