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A new cheat engine that uses machine-learning can work on consoles, including Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. The anti-cheat watch group ACPD posted its findings on the new tool on Twitter, explaining how it will be difficult for developers to detect.PS5 Video Game Cheats
The tool seems to use a visual feed provided by a capture card (ones like Elgato and AverMedia make) to a PC, which is then analyzed using machine-learning to determine targets. All the player needs to do is aim in the general direction of a foe online, with the tool then figuring out precise aiming and even taking the required shots for the kill. The tool can be configured in a bunch of way, with the video demonstrating how a cheater can increase or decrease the field of view the tool uses to grab targets.
Tools like this are not uncommon on PC, but it's not something that should be familiar to console players. The closed ecosystems of consoles have made cheating far more challenging, but since this tool only needs a visual feed of what is happening, it will be very difficult for either Sony or Microsoft to prevent. ACPD says it isn't impossible, but that developers will equally struggle to find a widespread solution to this problem.
The PlayStation 5 premiere was not only interesting for the games to take it out with or that list of games that are about to hit the PS5 catalog, but for the experience it guarantees the player. After all, Sony has sought to develop an interface capable of meeting all the needs of gamers, including the absence of loading times, DualSense haptic technology and its innovative interface. And of course the opportunity to capitalize on PS Plus subscription with PS Plus Collection and the gifts that come in the future.
It’s a fact that the new Sony console has a huge variety of secrets inside and that’s why today we’re going to show you how to get the most out of it with some of the tips that went more unnoticed. A series of tips that will help you enjoy the best user experience and, of course, your games in the new generation.
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